The Coddiwomple Cathedral of Interactive Obscurities at the Kingston Pop Museum!
A 3 day fully immersive group arts exhibition featuring live music, performance, and site specific interactive installations built by each of the participating international and local artists curated by Eugene Stetz. Each artist will be building artworks and creating larger then life installations that transport those who step inside of them into an arts bazaar full of other worldly peculiar eccentrics, curious creatures, and mystifying colorful visuals. The theme of the exhibition is to disregard the normal structure of the “Do Not Touch” museum and encourages those in attendance to be hands on with the art and performances happening around them. There will be prizes to be won, secret rooms to be discovered, touch, throw, taste, and engage the artwork with each and every human sense.

Along with the Coddiwomple Cathedral the Kingston Pop Museum will be hosting it’s 3rd annual Artist Paint Battle on Saturday October 12th from 2 – 7pm in the KPM courtyard featuring 5 artists from around the world battling it out each on 8 X 8’ canvas over the course of 4 hours using a varying array of media including spray paint and brush. Winners of the Paint Battle are decided by those in attendance and a celebrity panel with cash prizes awarded for all winning artists!

Opening Night: Friday October 11th from 6pm – 11pm. 18 and over only
Paint Battle: Saturday October 12th from 2pm – 7pm all ages welcome
Open Museum: Sunday October 13th from 10am – 3pm all ages welcome
New installations and surprises will be added each day
Exhibiting artists: Jomau, STETZ, BoogieREZ, Raw Sol, NOXER, Xek Noir, G. P. Grunts & The Robs, Sludge Thunder, Annabelle Popa, Ward Lamb, and Whitney Luedtke

Live performance(s) from The Magnetic Pull

Kingston Pop Museum
672 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401 (323) 252 – 9409

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