SUNDOG will be Opening Saturday June 22nd 7 – 11 PM

We are pleased to present SUNDOG, a group exhibition of 5 emerging Hudson Valley Artists, Nicholas Bach, Will Dayer, Anna Corso, Dylan Walsh, Sludge Thunder at Kingston Pop Museum in Kingston, NY.

Caused by the refraction and scattering of light, a sundog is an atmospheric visual phenomenon seen as a full or partial-halo around the Sun. Visible anywhere in the world during any season, a sundog is most conspicuous when our star is either rising or setting on the horizon line.

Paintings, drawings, collages and etchings construct a unique collection of apocalyptic visions, meditations on emotions and memory, fields of fleeting bliss, and haunted traffic cones.  Please join us  this Saturday evening for a viewing of fresh, unnervingly beautiful and stimulating visual works from these five young talented artists.

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