Daniel Belardinelli – Guilty Of Innocence

Daniel Belardinelli

New York-based artist, writer, and attorney, Daniel Belardinelli, is an autodidact whose work is considered both neo-expressionist and outsider art. Born in the hustle & bustle of 1961 Manhattan, Belardinelli found inspiration in the characters and sounds that formed the heartbeat of New York City. He became a keen observer, painting patrons of his family’s restaurant and frequenting iconic nightclubs like Studio 54, where he later met Andy Warhol.

Belardinelli was given his first show in 1984. 

Belardinelli is fearless in his art and committed to expressing the raw emotion and subtleties that comprise his own human experience. His paintings are jarring, fierce, and provocative, yet deeply personal and vulnerable. Guilty of Innocence will feature 50 composition notebook paintings in nail polish and housepaint, along with several larger pieces. 

If Everything Is So Good Then Why Am I Fenced In challenges the viewer to delve into the implied narrative and navigate the confines with the wide-eyed creature therein. A primal Resiliant confronts the viewer with the outline of a rhino, surrounded by a smeared paw print and swirls of color that resemble blood and chaos. With its array of silhouetted figures, Heroes is a recent hand-selected piece featured in a new fashion line for distinguished Italian motorcycle company, Soriano Motori. The Soriano Motori-Belardinelli collaboration will also feature motorcycle jackets with the edgy Irrevrant as well as Just Wing It and Belardinelli’s Road King symbol for the apparel line.

Daniel Belardinelli’s prolific career has spanned 35 years. His paintings have been collected by notable celebrities, including Steven Tyler, Juliette Lewis, Chris Robinson, and Brad Whitford. His art is in the permanent collections of the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, and Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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