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  • 09

    Curated group show by Laura Sativa and SoulCake

    All day

    Future Visage brings together an eclectic group of fine artists and performers from diverse backgrounds and locations to share and celebrate their vision for times to come. Artists are working with oil paint, resin, acrylics, sculpture, lenticular photography, video mixing, digital painting, and other mediums. In addition to live music, performances will include spoken word, unusual instruments and instrumentation, improvisation, ritual, and a live painting event.

    Exhibiting Artists:
    Antony Zito
    Eugene Stetz
    Jean-Marie Guyaux
    Joff Wilson
    Josephine Jansen
    Lewy V.
    Mary Ann Moy
    Paul Kostabi
    Tony Mann
    Walter Steding

    Performers: (all performances start at 8pm)
    Amalia Daskalakis and Rococo A Go Go (Friday 8/16)
    Colin Dempsey (Friday 8/9)
    Jon Blackstone Steele (Saturday 8/10)
    Jynx & Dino (Saturday 8/10)
    No Valentine (Friday 8/9)
    Puma Perl & Friends (Saturday 8/17)
    SoulCake (your nightly hosts and house band)
    Walter Steding (Saturday 8/17)

  • 22

    Lewy V

    All day
    Kingston Pop Museum
    672 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401
    Opening Friday Aug 23, 6 – 11pm
    Closing Saturday Aug. 24, 6 – 10pm
    “Austin based, LewyV composes color and texture into extremes of contemporary absurdity’. Enchanted by the spirit of expression in its ever changing form, LewyV blends the cloud-like bubble texture of modern graphic design (into a style locally coined, organica) with the classical 20th century principals of poetic cubism. The contrast manifests those lofty themes of apathy, sex and vices, with the rigid and stark realities of self-actualization and trauma. What results is a harmony of color and feeling, wholly commanding inescapable reflection which challenges the monotony of everyday life, LewyV so masterfully distorts into perfect place.”