Art Battle at the Kingston Pop Museum

October 7th, 2017  Art Battle at KPM!

The first of its kind in the Hudson Valley! In conjunction with the O+ Festival KPM hosted 7 artists to battle with brush in 2 hours on canvas. Produced/Curated by Eugene Stetz, featured artists: Ward Lamb, BACHO, Fred Wu, Boogie, DACK, Whitney Luedtke, and Adam Colombo with live performances by Ramona Lane and Don Mapes!

Legendary music producer Megahertz flew in from Colombia to judge the winners with Ritchie Hernandez


Let the battle begin!

Our 1st & 3rd place winner for the evening Ward Lamb & Boogie!

A special thank you to Joe Concra and Denise Orzo from O+ Festival for allowing us to be apart of their program!

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