Andy Warhol / Antonio Lopez / Bill Aucoin

The AAA Exhibition will arrive in Kingston New York, October 21, 2022 and will last two weeks featuring artworks from many recognized local names as well as international talents.

Seven years ago, John Stavros, the owner of Kingston Pop Museum, wanted to deliver to Kingston a new wave of popular cultural art, music, and fashion. Those are the connected roots to those who taught him and gave him an opportunity when he was young to learn and be able to teach a new generation.

Andy Warhol, Antonio Lopez, and Billy Aucoin are well recognized names in art, fashion, and music circles. All three were dear friends of Mr. Stavros, and allowed him to work closely with them teaching him Art, Music, and Marketing.

Seven years ago he decided to leave Midtown Manhattan where he’d been for 30 years and had his studios and his event operations with clients stretching across all parts of the globe.

After five years of developing the Kingston Pop museum he ran into a disaster with the Covid outbreak shutting his doors, and then with a second problem came the construction of the Broadway Corridor.

Mr. Stavros is not one that gives up easily. He was asked by many of his close friends to move on and get back to his roots in LA, New York, Miami, London, and Athens, but he decided to remain ‘till the storm ceased to create havoc for his business.

The AAA Exhibition lineup includes artists, musicians, designers, poets, and more. The following is a partial list to be included in the tribute to the Andy Warhol, Antonio Lopez, and Bill Aucoin exhibition. Opening nights are October 21 and 22.

Kingston is the city that now has the official contracts of the Andy Warhol factory. Mr. Stavros was part of the team that built Andy’s factory and moved him from the old factory on 17th St. and Broadway in NYC. KPM museum holds many personal items of Andy’s. Kingston Pop Museum has more signed Antonio Lopez original illustrations, letters, and posters than any other collection in the world! A collection of this magnitude cannot be seen anywhere else.

Billy Aucoin was very close to John working with him in management and providing art direction with many of the artists he managed, leaving John all his personal books and furniture from the management offices on Madison avenue. All those aware of KISS and Billy Idol know how close Mr. Stavros was to Mr. Aucoin.

This will be a night to remember! For a private viewing of the Andy Warhol files, the Antonio Lopez Illustrations, and the Bill Aucoin books and furniture, one must make reservations in advance. The opening nights are Friday the 21st and 22nd of October 2022.

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